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Microsoft Dynamics NAV the world leading software that helps make your life that little bit simpler.


Universal App 5

Fully integrated solution

Information from across your organisation can be stored in a centralised database, so your people can work quickly & efficiently.


Accommodates new processes and additional lines of business, scaling to meet higher demands without worrying about performance.


Fast to implement, easy to configure & simple to use. Offering rapid adaptability, it is built & designed similar to other Microsoft applications.

Universal app

With a fast and fluid interface, touch optimised and tailored for keyboard & mouse, designing or customising pages for use across devices has never been so easy.


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110,000 customers can't be wrong


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“Tres Tria guided us through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation with great efficiency, professionalism and patience. I can pay no greater testimony to the work of Tres Tria than to say that within a day or so of adopting the new IT system, my staff were using it naturally and unaided.”


David Williams, Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist


We are NAV


Did you know... The majority of our customers moved to us from other re-sellers?


At Tres Tria, we provide our customers with exclusive levels of service, with a highly experienced team. Therefore, expect quick response times and a value proposition that is incomparable with any other UK Microsoft Partner. It is no longer a necessity to perform a chargeable assessment of the development of your system, in order to see where it can be supported. Meaning that if there are unsupportable charges made by a previous re-seller, we are able to alter the code and potentially without any additional costs.