World leading software to make your life easier.

Packed with impressive capabilities to help you gain greater control, increase margins & drive growth.

Fully integrated solution

Information from across your organisation can be stored in a centralised database, so your people can work quickly & efficiently.

Role tailored home pages

The role center makes it easier for people to access their tasks & approach them with priority.

Adapt & grow

Connect your people, processes & systems in order to keep your business growing whilst improving communication.

Increase margins

Quickly create service orders, define sales pricing in local & foreign currencies as well as have the ability to analyse all your product information.

Driving value

Increase ROI by boosting creativity, finding new ways to control your expenses & help drive profitability.

Simple, smart & innovative

Fast to implement, easy to configure & simple to use. Offering rapid adaptability, it is built & designed similar to other Microsoft applications.



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