Implementation Methodology for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Microsoft created the methodology in order to provide a complete model for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology projects.


Sure Step provides a series of components:
  • Static content of HTML content, Visio diagrams and Templates
  • Source Content of HTML, Visio and Office Templates
  • Methodology editor which is used as a tool to add, delete or modify source content and to generate


Key benefits to partners and consultants:
  • Building a consistent solution delivery model for clients and team members
  • Better management of risks within implementation projects
  • Better collaboration within consulting teams
  • Development of repeatable and reusable consulting services
  • A model which can be customized to the partner or consultants needs
  • A more professional approach to selling Microsoft Dynamics consulting services


The Methodology to Implementation Phases


Diagnostic / The transition from sales cycle to implementation

This phase consists of high-level planning and analysis of the client’s environment. The goal of this phase is to form a high-level project scope in order to put together a proposal for the remaining phases.


The objective of this phase is to help identify the decisions which the customer must make to guide the implementation. An interesting component in the analysis phase is the training exercise in order to ensure the client representatives are well versed in the ‘out of the box’ theory.


Build on the deliverables from the analysis by identifying the design for the overall implementation and customer solutions which are required to meet the needs identifies from the analysis phase.


The objective for the development phase is to build features and customisations which have been specified and agrees from the design phase. It is important that development testing in this phase is carried out both by the developer and analyst team. Within this phase will also include the customer testing activity which in some models is shown as part of the development phase.

Deployment / Deliver a functioning system for the client

This phase is made up of end-user training, environment configurations, data migration and validation, load testing and preparation of the go-live plans.


The operation is closed down and the customer is supported as they transition into the new live environment. Negotiations may be ongoing at this stage to provide formal support but at the very least there should be a go-live and transition to support model.