Facilities Management Software

With Microsoft Dynamics 365


Within the Facilities Management Industry, it is vital to supervise and consult on the management and budget of a number of different facility suppliers. These needs coupled with the requisite for ensuring budget allocations are met, by closely monitoring funds, means that Facility Management firms require an integrated ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps facility management organisations in every aspect of their business, from customer relationships and projects to process outsourcing and financial management. These solutions can streamline operations while improving the quality of customer interactions, and help you make faster and smarter decisions. Dynamics 365 Business Central connects the many moving parts of your organisation to give you better control and visibility over what's going on in your business.

Why do UK businesses pick this solution?

  • It has a high degree of customisation
  • Competitively priced and modular-based
  • Easily adapted to vertical industry requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows with your company
  • Visibility into what's urgent and prioritisation
  • Expect smooth integration with other Microsoft products
  • See an increase in productivity and simplified business processes
  • A rapid installation process, so be up and running within a month
  • Allows businesses to speed up the decision-making process
  • Respond more rapidly to new market opportunities


Key features of the software

Timesheet entry

Timesheets control and monitor all current time constraints. Timesheets give you the capability to easily track the time used by resources, enabling you to avoid possible delays and cost overruns. And by integrating Timesheets, with Resource Jobs, Services and Assembly Orders, it enables all aspect of the Facilities Management Industry to be integrated and displayed together in the Work In Progress (WIP) Dashboard.

Call to action

Microsoft Dynamics 365 follows the Microsoft Office layout, making the product familiar. This results in it being easy and quick to use for all employees. Gain a complete solution as a Facilities Management Company, that covers every aspect of your organisation, from customer relationships and projects to business processes, outsourcing and financials. The solution can help you streamline operations while increasing value, improve customer interaction, and make faster more informed decisions.

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