Wholesale & Distribution Management

With Microsoft Dynamics 365


Within the Wholesale and Distribution industry it is vital to have a fully rounded and smooth running business management solution, to ensure productivity within your company. For this reason, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is chosen as the solution for the Wholesale and Distribution industry.

Why do UK businesses pick this solution?

  • It has a high degree of customisation
  • Competitively priced and modular-based
  • Easily adapted to vertical industry requirements
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows with your company
  • Visibility into what's urgent and prioritisation
  • Expect smooth integration with other Microsoft products
  • See an increase in productivity and simplified business processes
  • A rapid installation process, so be up and running within a month
  • Allows businesses to speed up the decision-making process
  • Respond more rapidly to new market opportunities


Our history in the industry

The Wholesale and Distribution industry faces a number of challenges that must be addressed to ensure productivity and efficiency within your company. This can only be achieved by enabling total visibility. From sales to stock control, warehousing to process management and purchasing to financial management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative business management solution that can be adapted specifically to suit the Wholesale and Distribution industry.

Here at Tres Tria, we are a highly experienced company that specialises in providing Dynamics 365, we have a great deal of experience within both the Wholesale and Distribution industries, having implemented and supported Dynamics 365 into a number of companies specialising in this Industry.


Interested in Wholesale & Distribution for Dynamics 365?

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